Can I put non-library links on a library resource page (LRR)?
Last Updated: Apr 14, 2022     Views: 30

In short: Yes!

We allow (almost) anything on a library resource page. It really comes down to what's going to be the best experience for the student. Sometimes it makes sense for everyone to be on one readings page, and sometimes it doesn't.

Some notable exceptions to what can be included on a library resource page are:

  • Tools that need to be integrated into the course. We can't do this from the LRR, so those need to be placed into Blackboard according to the integration requirements.
  • Items that are for specific course sections. The LRR is part of the course template, so we can't include anything that is used for a specific section, such as a faculty introduction video or materials a faculty wants to link to for their specific students.

Important! While we can put external web links on the LRR, they must still be submitted to the web permissions queue to ensure they pass a copyright review for use. Once the link is allowed, it can be added to the LRR guide build request.