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The University Library provides document delivery and inter-library loan services in fulfillment of the academic research needs of our students and faculty.

If the document you request is already available in the University Library, you will receive detailed instructions describing how you can retrieve the document on your own. If the document you request is not available in the University Library, we will attempt to procure a copy from an outside source. Delivery within a specific time frame cannot be guaranteed, though most documents are delivered within one day or less.

Documents obtained through this service are meant for your personal research needs and may not be photocopied, redistributed, or posted in online classrooms. If you wish to distribute a document to an entire class, you must first obtain permission from the copyright owner (usually the publisher).

Please note that this service is primarily intended for student and faculty use. Alumni may utilize this service on the limited basis of one request per month. Staff use of this service may be limited.

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