How do I find information about an organization's leadership?

I need to find a company's org chart.

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The best place to locate information about an organization’s leadership or management structure is on its own website. From the company’s homepage, look for sections labeled:

  • About Us
  • About the Company
  • Our Company
  • Investor Relations

Leadership information can also be found in the organization’s annual report, which can usually be found on the investor’s page.

Explore any other pages that look promising for tidbits of information, such as news releases or articles, which may quote company executives and their titles.

Library Databases

After searching the organization’s website, try searching a few of the library's databases for information gleaned from articles and reports on the organization. All of the databases listed below can be accessed via the Databases page.

Hoover’s Company Profiles

  1. Enter your company name, and select it from the list of organizations that are displayed.
  2. Look for a section of the report called Key People.

Business Source Complete

  1. Select Company Information.
  2. Enter the name of the company in the search box.
  3. Click on the appropriate company name link.
  4. Select Executives.

Plunkett Research Online

  1. Select Research a Company.
  2. In the company name box, enter the company name.
  3. Scroll down to the company report.
  4. Look for Contacts in the report.

Note: The information you will find is not likely to be presented in the form of an organization chart. You will tend to find lists of people who hold executive positions in the organization without any information about how they relate to each other.

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