If I'm using all the same content in this revision, do I have to re-submit a request?
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2022     Views: 11

It's a question we hear often. And the short answer is:


You need to resubmit requests for all content used in the revision, even if it was in the previous version of the course.

But, why?

There are two big reasons: copyright changes and tracking.

Copyright holders are becoming increasingly savvy about their intellectual property. We are seeing content and websites changing their terms of use and even creative commons licenses more frequently. We give all the requests a quick review, at a minimum to ensure we are not violating copyright law.

The second reason is tracking. We track which courses use which content pieces, including new versions of courses. Submitting these requests allows us to:

  • Quickly react when we find issues with content.
  • Update content when we lose access to something.
  • Fix broken URLs when the URL to a specific site has changed.
  • Accurately provide information to our vendors during contract renewals.