What is Lean Library?
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022     Views: 61

Lean Library helps you identify library content when you're searching on the Internet. If you're trying to access an article we have available in the library, a friendly pop-up will appear to let you know when you can find a resource in our collection.

We've customized Lean Library to our institution, so we've thought about ways to make these messages as helpful as possible to you. For example, we get a lot of questions about Harvard Business Review in our permissions queue.Lean Library pop-up on HBR.org

With Lean Library installed, when you're visiting the HBR website, you'll see:

  1. a message redirecting you to HBR within our collection, and
  2. a separate link for the permissions record in our permissions database.

It even suggests Open Access sources when they're available.

You can download Lean Library into your browser at https://download.leanlibrary.com/universityofphoenix.

As incredible as Lean Library is, there are a few things it can't do.

  • Lean Library isn't a search engine – it can't find articles or publications that are similar to the one you're reviewing. Lean Library looks for a 1:1 exact match, usually based on a DOI or ISBN.
  • Lean Library isn't a librarian – it can't research a topic or curate resources that would be a good fit for your course. Our research librarians are always available to IDs via the course development process - check your Asana templates for instructions, or reach out to your manager for help.
  • Lean Library isn't a copyright tool – it can't review a website's terms of use or determine whether we'll be able to secure permission to access content on a website. Any external websites still need to be vetted via the permissions process.