Can I embed a resource (like a video) in a course instead of just linking?
Last Updated: Oct 27, 2021     Views: 50

The permission process explained in the Web Permissions guide is for linking only. However, in some cases, it may make sense to embed the resource. If you would like to embed a resource (like a video) in a course, we can request permission. Here are some conditions to consider when requesting to embed a link:

  • Specify in the description of your Asana request that you would like to embed a link. All permission requests are assumed to be for linking unless specified as embedding.
  • The terms of use must be evaluated to determine if embedding is allowed. Some websites specifically prohibit embedding.
  • All requests for embedding material (integral and non-integral) will require written permission from the copyright holder. This can add more time to the request process, and the written request will specify the desire to embed the resource in our course.
  • If you are embedding a video, the video must have closed captioning and a transcript.