How do I link to a task or comment within Asana?

I want to include my external websites on my LRR and need to link the citations to the permission requests.

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2023     Views: 71

Linking to Tasks

The fastest and most reliable way to get a link to a particular Asana task:

  1. In the upper right-hand corner of your task, click the link icon (it looks like links of a chain). It will say Copy task link when you hover over it.

This creates a stable, permanent link to the task.

Linking to Comments

Linking directly to a comment makes it easy to refer to related discussions or comments posted earlier in the ticket that is no longer readily visible. To directly link to a comment in a task:

  1. To the right of the desired comment is a drop-down arrow.
  2. Click on Copy comment link.

You can now paste this link into an Asana comment or refer to the comment in another location.


Here are some general Asana linking tips.

  • If the task requires you to paste it into a particular field, click on the field to paste the link. Once you have pasted the link, you should see the small visit link icon on the far-right end of the box. (Note: If there is any text in the box, this icon will not be there, and the URL will NOT be a link.)
  • If the task requires a description, the link will be translated into a friendly text-based link.
  • If the link is placed in a comment, the link will be translated into a friendly text-based link.
  • If you see a checkmark in front of the link, it means the task is complete.