How do I determine if a link is considered integral?

If a link is considered integral, how does this impact the permission request?

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2021     Views: 71

A link is considered integral to the course, assignment, or discussion if its removal requires the course assignment or discussion to be revised.

In general, we request written permission for any link that is designated as integral, with a few exceptions.

  • The terms of use/legal specifically state that linking is allowed.
  • The material is covered under an allowed Creative Commons license.
  • The material is in the public domain.

So how does this impact the permission process? It usually increases the response time.

When we request permission from the copyright holder, we are at their mercy for a response. If we don't receive a response in 3 to 5 days, we send a second request (usually to the original contact and to another possible contact, providing we can find one). In addition, if we are unable to locate a copyright holder for the request (or a way to contact them) the link will be denied.

Legal has determined that a non-response is considered a denial. So if we cannot get a response within the timeframe you have designated, the link will not be allowed.