I found a great video but I can't find any information about the person/organization that posted it. Can I still use it?
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Like other content on a website, videos are covered by the terms of use/legal policy (in the case of YouTube, the poster's website TOU) unless there is a copyright notice that states otherwise. Copyright ownership may not be immediately apparent, especially if the poster doesn't have a website. You may need to use your judgment when evaluating videos. Here are some things to consider:

  • Check for copyright clues. Look at the description/summary for any references to a title, producers, etc., indicating the content may have been reposted from another site or belongs to the poster. Perform a web search for those names to check if the copyright owner might be found on another site.
  • Scroll through/watch the video. Watch the video to see if there are any copyright notices or trademarks from another source.
  • Review the quality of the video. For example, if the poster is an individual with no professional affiliation listed and the video appears to be professionally produced this is an indicator that they may have reposted the video.
  • Find any contact information. While there may not be an affiliated website, look for an email address or other contact information. Google the poster's name or his/her affiliated organization's name to see if he/she is mentioned or listed. Note: In some cases, you may need to sign into YouTube with an account to view the poster's email address.
  • Check YouTube. Check YouTube for other videos affiliated with this poster (usually linked on a tab with the current video) and evaluate additional content for originality or ownership.