Can I use a video that doesn't have a transcript and/or closed captioning?

What if there is an embedded YouTube link?

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2023     Views: 27

As a general rule, all videos must have closed captioning and a transcript to be accessible. There are two possible exceptions.

  1. It has an embedded YouTube link, which has both cc and transcript.  If you just need the video (and not the other content on the page), use the YouTube URL. If you want the student to read the content on the page AND watch the video, you should make in the Blackboard instructions that the CC and transcript are available by clicking on the YouTube logo on the embedded video.
  2. There is word-for-word text supplied on the web page that has the video. This may be the case in instructional videos where the steps mirror the video audio. The video and text must be compared to ensure they are the same.