(Alumni) Where do I find information on counseling sessions, therapy sessions, and related materials?
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You can start your research on this topic using the search box on the Library's home page. Enter:

"counseling sessions"

To narrow down your results, try adding additional AND statements to the end of your query.

Examples include:

"counseling session" AND transcripts

You might also try synonyms or alternate terms:

"therapy session" AND transcripts

You can further refine your search by using the links on the left hand side of the results page (content type, discipline, additional subjects, etc.).

Counseling Videos

For resources that contain videos and other material on counseling and other social science subjects, try the following databases:

  • Films on Demand provides videos on a wide range of topics, including humanities and social sciences, business and economics, science, and health.
  • Academic Video Online includes videos such as documentaries, interviews, performances, and news. Topic covered include art, business, counseling, criminal justice, economics, literature, history, music, nursing, political science, religion, and science.

Try the following search in either database:

"counseling session"

Also note that you can add terms just as you would in most databases; e.g.:

"counseling session" AND therapy

You can then use the filters on the sides of the page to narrow your search by subject, format and more.

Evaluating Your Results

Keep in mind, not all results will be entirely relevant. You will need to scan the titles and read the descriptions to select the best articles for your topic. For additional information on searching in the University Library, check out the following:

If you need additional assistance with your research or have another question, please Ask Us!