Answered By: Nicole Tassinari
Last Updated: Aug 05, 2021     Views: 1 Pilot

The University is launching a pilot to test accounting and statistic tutoring through in August 2021. The pilot will impact three courses:

  • ACC/290T Principles of Accounting
  • QNT/275T Statistics for Decision Making
  • MTH/221: Discrete Math for Information Technology

According to SharePoint, here are some of the details:

  • The student should contact their instructor if they feel they need tutoring. Tutoring will be at the instructor's discretion.
  • Students who are granted access have three hours of time to use per course.  

So what if the student isn't in one of those classes?

Here are some recommendations from our student-facing FAQ:

  • Visit the Center for Mathematics Excellence to access resources to help refresh your math skills, learn study tips, and build your confidence. The Statistics Resources offer some tips/videos on statistical concepts.
  • Math tutoring is available through select courses and more information about tutoring is available directly in your course (if it is available). If you have questions about how many minutes of tutoring you have left on your account, please contact Student Technical Support at 1-877-832-4867.
  • We also recommend reaching out to your instructor directly for support, as he or she may be aware of additional resources that are available through the course.