Answered By: Carla Smith
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2022     Views: 25

Learning Tools

A learning tool is content/software that is available via a vendor contract. For example, requests for Educational Impact, PlayPosit or McGraw-Hill Connect resources are considered learning tools and implemented through the EdTech: Tools project in Asana, not the Content: External Websites queue. If there is any confusion about whether a site is actually a learning tool, contact Linda Malfavon or another member of the EdTech team for clarification. 

If a learning tool is requested through the Permissions queue, assign it to the EdTech: Tools queue with a note to the requester that you are forwarding it and mark the request as Complete in the Permission queue.

Website Tools

A website tool is one whose content/software is available on the internet and is usually being recommended as optional by the ID (you may need to confirm this). These websites (and the affiliated tools/software) are evaluated using the same conditions as other web content. Please note:

  • The software, or some portion of it, is available for free and should not require log in. If a login is required, use of the software should not be required by the student but considered optional.
  • There should be no paywalls that prevent the student from accessing the content.
  • Web tools/software should be added to the course with caution, as our tech support may not be equipped to support students calling in with concerns regarding the external tool. Typically the terms may indicate that the company does not provide technical support for its products.