Can you help me locate three articles related to women's health services and the East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRH)?
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For this MHA/506 assignment, you have been asked to locate three articles in the University Library related to women's health services that pertain to ECRH survey results. The ECRH case study that you are analyzing is a fictitious location created for your course, so there are no specific articles on ECRH.

We can start by first taking a step back and looking at women's health services separately from ECRH. You can apply what you find back to the case study.

Using the library homepage search box, type in the following: 

"women's health services"

Browse through the search results. You can then select a specific women's health service of interest that relates to your assignment, such as a topic on age, income, or health conditions. 

In addition, you can search within research databases that are specific to healthcare. We suggest searching ProQuest Healthcare Administration; try the following searches: 

(women OR female) AND ("health service*") AND demographic

("women's healthcare" OR "women's healthcare services") 

Keep in mind that this will typically result in many articles. You can use the search limiters on the left to help narrow the results. Use the Subjects box to further narrow results.

This will get you started on the topic, but to take your search to the next level, check out our guides: 

If you need additional assistance with your research or have another question, please Ask Us!