I am having trouble selecting a company for my research - how do I select one?
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It's definitely tough trying to do research on a company much less browsing aimlessly through a database or website without direction!

We recommend that you start by thinking about an industry of interest. It is easier to find a company you are interested in learning more about. For example, think of an airline that you fly; maybe you want to know more about that airline or get to know more about a competitor.

Tips for Picking Your Company:

Before you jump into one of the databases, take some time to do some preliminary research regarding your potential company. The work you do now in selecting a company will save you time (and possibly a headache) later.

  • Review all of the future assignments you’ll need regarding the company you select. For example, you might need to review a company's annual report. So make sure that you can find this information on the company you select. (Hint: It's easier to find information on publicly-held companies versus private companies.)
  • Start with an industry. If you are interested in a particular industry but don’t have a specific company in mind, review industry reports for lists of significant competitors.
  • Consider using a company that you've been asked to research at work. The work you do here will have more meaning to you if you can apply it to real situations in your life. Keep in mind, if it is a smaller, private company you may have difficulty finding financial and other information it is not required to disclose.
  • Pick a company that relates to your dream position. Again, you’ll find more meaning in the work if you can apply what you’re learning to your everyday life.
  • Pick two or three companies and do some preliminary research. You'll have a higher chance of success if you have a couple of companies in mind before going into the databases.

Consider starting with these databases:

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