Am I able to compare companies within the same industry?
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Great news - yes, you can do that! To compare and evaluate different companies within the same industry, we recommend using Mergent Online or Mergent Intellect.

See our Find Industry Profiles page for more information on reading industry profiles.

Mergent Online

Use the Company Analysis Function to create company comparison reports.

  1. Start on the Mergent Online homepage; enter your company's name on the Company Search box and click Go.
  2. Once on the company page, click on the Competitors tab. Mergent automatically creates a competitors list you can scroll through.
    • You can remove competitors from the list by selecting Remove on the left side of the chart.
    • You can also add specific companies on the Add Company to Competitor List tab.
  3. Next, on the top right of the chart, click on Add all to Company Analysis List.
  4. A new window will open. Click on Company Comparison Report at the top, as it will default to Multiple Company Report.
  5. Add all of your companies by clicking on the double arrow button (>>)
  6. Next, under Report Item Selection --> Select Data Items to select the information you want to see.
    • For example, if you want to see Current Assets, add that to your Report Items.
  7. Check the Include Average box.
  8. Finally, select the format you want your report to be in such as PDF or Excel to download, or email the completed report.

Mergent Intellect

Search the Competitors List to view competitor information for a specific company.

  1. Start on the Mergent Intellect homepage and enter your company's name on the Company Search.
  2. On the company page, click on the Competitors List tab.
  3. View and select from the list of competitors for your company.

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