What is Ulrich's and how do I access and use it?
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Ulrichs, also known as Ulrichsweb, is a database that identifies peer-reviewed (refereed) journals. It includes in-depth information on periodicals covering a multitude of subjects, including academic and scholarly journals, open access publications, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, and newsletters.  

Note: You will not find journal articles in Ulrichs, as it only provides information about the publication itself.

Finding information about a specific publication

  1. Access Ulrichs from the library's Research Databases under the letter "U".
  2. Search for the journal or publication name and look for a referee shirt icon in the column to the left of the publication title. When you hover over the icons with your mouse, it will tell you what each icon represents. 
  3. If the referee shirt icon is present, the publication is peer-reviewed (refereed). It will also indicate if the journal is scholarly (academic) but not peer-reviewed (learn about the distinction on our How Do I Locate Peer Reviewed / Scholarly Materials page).
  4. When you click on the title name from the search results list, you will see more details on the journal such as status, frequency, and whether it is refereed. 

To locate journal articles, you will want to search in the library’s research databases. Check out our FAQs Finding a Specific Journal Article as well as Searching the library.

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