How do I find articles from an author in a specific field?

How do I find author information?

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To find articles from an author in a specific field or discipline, you want to begin by searching within subject-specific databases.

  1. From the library homepage, click on the Research Databases icon.
  2. Next, click on the subject drop-down menu at the top and select your subject.
  3. You will then see the databases listed within that subject.

If you don't see your specific subject, it's okay! You can select the closest subject. Let's say that you are looking for authors in cybersecurity - a good option would be to select Information Sciences & Technology.

Select a database you want to search and enter any search terms on your topic. Often, the authors of articles in the databases you are searching work in that field since they are writing about it.

Browse through the different articles and click on the article title by the author that interests you. Once you find an author, you can search their name in the database to explore more of their writings.

You can also search for articles by a specific author. Most databases allow you to search by author name. Look for the Advanced Search link in the database you are using. Once you open the Advanced Search Page, look for a drop-down menu that allows you to search by author. Here is an example of the format to use for searching by author name:

"Mark Twain" OR "Twain, Mark"

Also, in the search results, you can usually click on the author's name, and the database will take you to a list of articles the author wrote.

To find articles written by a nurse, you will want to search within the database CINAHL Ultimate. This database lets you limit to articles written by a nurse. To do this, click Advanced Search and check the “Any Author is Nurse” box. This will pull articles in which at least one author is a nurse.

You can also do a simple, generic author search in most databases with the author limiter code. This is the code AU followed by the author's name in parentheses. This can be tricky because different databases abbreviate authors' names differently. For example:

AU(Mark Twain OR Twain, Mark)

For more tips on developing a search strategy, check out our How Do I guide, Develop a Search Strategy.

You can also find information about the author in the footnote of the article. It will typically include the author's affiliation. From there, you can look up the author's information on the official website.

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