What is the difference between a SWOT analysis, company report, and annual report?
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Confused about the differences between a SWOT analysis, company report, and annual report?

A SWOT analysis:

  • Is a compilation of a company’s Strengths and Weaknesses (internal factors) and Opportunities and Threats (external factors). Sections in the analyses are very often clearly labeled with each strategic area.
  • Helps organizations develop a full awareness of all the factors involved in making a business decision.
  • Is used to gain insights into an organization’s current and future position in the marketplace or against a stated goal.
  • Can be found by using the Subjects drop-down box on the Research Database page and selecting SWOT Analysis.
  • SWOT analysis example: T-Mobile US Inc., SWOT Analysis

A company report:

  • Provides a general overview of a company, including a business description, company history, major products, key executives, and top competitors.
  • May or may not include financial information.
  • Company report example: Apple Inc., Hoovers Company Profiles

An annual report:

  • Is usually a “state-of-the-company” report public corporations provide to stakeholders.
  • Include sections such as a list of officers, a letter to shareholders, and company highlights.
  • Is often used as a marketing tool to attract new investors and highlight the company brand.
  • Can also be called a Form 10-K, which is typically more detailed and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Can usually be found on a company’s website. Look for links like Investors, Company Information, or About.
  • Annual report example: Target Annual Report

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