How do I know if the information on facial recognition?
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An excellent source for pro/con issues related to facial recognition is the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database.

You can find this database on the Library’s homepage under Popular Databases.

Copy and paste this search into the search box:

facial recognition

You will get a results page with various content types such as Viewpoints and Reference. There is an entire subject dedicated to Facial Recognition Technology.

Explore the Viewpoints section for general articles and arguments for and against this topic. You will also see other content such as academic journals, images and videos.

For additional resources on facial recognition, search in ProQuest, also located on the homepage under Popular Databases.

Try the following searches (separately):

su(facial recognition)

su("facial recognition" OR "face recognition")​


  • The quotation marks tell the database to search for the terms as a phrase.
  • Parentheses, in general, allow either/or searches such as (cats or dogs).
  • The SU in front of the terms tells the database to search for those words in the subject heading.

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