Where can I find information about global warming or climate change?
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2021     Views: 75

The subject of climate change and/or global warming can be overwhelming. For an overview on the topic, start your research in the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database.

You can find this database on the Library’s homepage under Popular Databases.

Within Opposing Viewpoints in Context you can find information covering the social, political and/or economic aspects pertaining to climate change and global warming. Click on the Browse Issues light bulb on the right side of the page and select:

global warming and climate change

This will open with an overview of the topic and limiters immediately below it of different types of content, such as Viewpoints (for pro/con type articles), Magazines, or Reference. You may need to scroll through the results to find information that is applicable to your focus.

Also, try Science in Context. This is a good database to use when you're looking to research how scientific disciplines relate to real-world issues. It has the same look and feel as Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

Another database to search is Environmental Studies in Context.  This is a great resource for all levels of research related to environmental studies.  It provides both an overview of a topic and allows you to conduct in-depth research. You can explore topics and events, such as Earth systems, global change, pollution, and populations.

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