How do I find information about concussions and the National Football League (NFL)?
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For this GEN/200 assignment, you have been asked to evaluate two sources from at least two databases in the University Library. EBSCOhost and ProQuest are the most popular databases in the University Library. Another resource to try is Opposing Viewpoints in Context. All three of these can be found on the library homepage under the Research Databases heading in the middle of the page.

We suggest searching in Opposing Viewpoints in Context first. Copy and paste this search into the search box:


This will give you results with different types of content, such as Viewpoints for pro/con type articles, Magazines, or Reference. Once a content type is selected, you can click on the Subjects box on the right side of the page to further narrow results.

Also, try these searches separately:

concussions AND NFL

concussions AND sports

You can try similar searches in both EBSCOhost and ProQuest. Keep in mind this will typically result in many articles. You can use the limiters on the left to help narrow the results.

Tip: as you type concussions in the search box, suggested topics will be listed in a drop-down menu from the search box. You can scroll down and select one to see those results.

This will get you started on the topic, but to take your search to the next level, check out our guides:

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