Where can I find information about the Affordable Care Act?

I need articles and information about Obama care.

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Start your research for the Affordable Care Act in Gale Health and Wellness.

Search for:

affordable care act

You may need to scroll through the results to find information that is applicable to your focus. You can use the links on the page to limit the results to magazines, academic articles, videos, or more.

This is a general topic and you may need to narrow your focus. Select a source type (magazines) and then click on the Subjects box on the right side of the page.

You can find the full-text of the Affordable Care Act at the Department of Health and Human Services site.

Need More?

For more information, try one of our other databases, like EBSCOhost, using more specific terms.

Copy and paste the searches below into the search box. The two letters before the search terms (i.e. "SU" or "TI") is a shorthand way of searching specific areas of an article (like subjects or the title) to narrow the search. In the future, you can use the Advanced Search link to select fields that you want to search.

"affordable care act" AND "impact on health care"

TI ("affordable care act") AND impact AND healthcare AND trend

The quotation marks tell the database to search for the terms as a phrase and the asterisk (*) searches for all forms of the word (impact, impacts, impacted, impacting).

And try this method: type in affordable care act letter by letter. As you do, topics starting with this will be listed in a dropdown from the search box. You can scroll down to one that looks helpful and click on it and then go to the results.

For additional help creating your search terms, you can refer to this FAQ on developing a search strategy.

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