Can the library translate a document?

I found an article that is in another language and would like it translated to English (or another language).

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2020     Views: 46

Here are some translation options. Please note that these are not endorsed by the library, but you can use the links below or search for other websites or services via an internet search engine like Google. You will need to evaluate the performance and quality and any websites you find.

  1. Often you can find a link to a translation on the article page itself. This is more likely if the article is in HTML format and not a PDF
  2. Microsoft Translator for Word allows you to translate a Word document.
  3. DocTranslator is a free, web-based service that can translate a PDF file to and from more than 100 languages.
  4. Google automatically offers a "Translate this page" service. A pop up box will appear on the page and ask you if you would like to have the page translated. Again, this will not apply to any PDF documents you open. In addition, Google Translate allows you to upload a document and have it translated for you.
  5. Translation services will be the most accurate option, but they will be the most expensive and may be considered as a last resort.

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