Can you help me search EBSCOhost and/or ProQuest?

How can I find more or fewer articles in these databases? Do you have any tips for searching this database?

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2020     Views: 656

Not finding what you need in EBSCOhost or ProQuest? Here are some basic search tips to help find your articles. We also recommend checking out How Do I Develop a Search Strategy, which contains information and tips on searching the library's databases.

Narrowing Your Search (i.e., Get Fewer Results)

Use AND (entered in UPPER case) to find ALL of your search terms connected to your topic:

oil AND fracking

fracking AND environment

Use quotes (" ") around two or more words to search for a phrase:

"green energy"

"clean energy"

"time of use"

Expanding Your Search (i.e., Get More Results)

Use OR (entered in UPPER case) to find ANY of your search terms connect with your topic:

oil OR gas OR petroleum

Use an asterisk (*) to truncate your term and to capture words that contain alternate endings:

environment* retrieves environmental, environments, etc.

energ* retrieves energy, energies, energize, etc.

If you need additional assistance with your research or have another question, please Ask Us!