Where do I find article databases?
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2020     Views: 146

The short answer is that we have a category for article databases which you can find by:

  1. Selecting the Research Databases icon on the library homepage.
  2. From the Database Types Filter, select Articles to retrieve a list of Article Databases.

Narrowing Your Database Choices

Now you have a list of dozens of databases!

Instead of using the Database Types filter, consider using the Database Subject Filter. Pick the subject that most closely aligns with your topic to narrow the list of databases. If there are databases that we consider to be especially relevant to a subject, that database will be listed as "Recommended."


Check out our subject pages. These pages offer a list of databases similar to those offered by the Database Subject Filter. In addition, there are lists of additional resources and many have a general search box that will search within that broad subject range.

  1. On the library homepage, select the Subjects link at the top of the page.
  2. Select the subject that most closely aligns with your topic.

For additional information on searching the library resources and many other resources in the University Library, check out the following:

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