Where do I find GREENR or environmental information?
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GREENR is no longer available through the University Library.


We recommend GreenFILE to research topics related to the environment. GreenFILE focuses on the relationship between human beings and the environment, covering all aspects of human impact on the environment. Topics range from global warming to alternate fuel sources and beyond.

Advanced Searching

If you would like to limit your search results to include certain keywords found specifically in the title or subject fields, you can use the Advanced Search feature and select where to search for your term. Advanced Search will typically be a link found at the top of the search page or near the search box.

Note that the asterisk (*) is used as a wildcard (substitute) for all forms of the word. For example, productiv* retrieves results with the words productive, productivity, etc.

Try the following search in GreenFILE's advanced search:

environment* in SU Subject Term

Environmental Studies in Context

Environmental Studies in Context is a great resource for all levels of research related to environmental studies as it provides both an overview of a topic and allows you to conduct in-depth research. You can explore topics and events, such as Earth systems, global change, pollution, and populations.

For more environment related databases, see our Environmental Science guide.

Evaluating Your Results

Keep in mind, not all results will be entirely relevant. You will need to scan the titles and read the descriptions to select the best articles for your topic. For additional information on searching in the University Library, check out the following guides:

If you need additional assistance with your research or have another question, please Ask Us!