How can I find information about the impact of technology on children?
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You can start your research on this topic using the search box on the library's homepage. Enter:

technology AND children AND impact

To narrow down your results, try changing technology to a specific type of technology.

computers AND children AND impact

You can expand your search to include technology OR media. The asterisk (*) is used as a wildcard (substitute) for all forms of the word. For example, child* retrieves results with the words child, children, childhood, etc.

(technology OR media) AND child* AND impact*

Try thinking of synonyms or related terms that you can use in the search, such as:

  • television
  • internet
  • movies or films
  • video games
  • social media or social networks

ProQuest Social Sciences

We also recommend searching a subject specific database, like ProQuest Social Sciences. You can use the Advanced Search feature and select where to search for your terms to help narrow your search. Advanced Search will typically be a link found at the top of the search page or near the search box.

The search strategies below use a shortcut for searching Titles (TI) and Subjects (SU) in the main search box; the equivalent of using the drop down boxes in Advanced Search.


TI(computer) AND SU(children) AND (impact OR effect OR affect OR influence)

TI(internet) AND SU(children) AND (impact OR effect OR affect OR influence)

SU(technology OR computer OR internet)  AND SU(children) AND trends AND “united states”

Similar searches:

SU(children OR teen* OR youth OR adolescen*)  AND (positive OR beneficial) and SU(media OR movies OR film) AND (impact OR affect* OR effect)

SU(children OR teen* OR  youth OR adolescen*) AND (negative OR harmful) AND SU(media OR movies OR film) AND (impact OR affect* OR effect)

SU(technology) AND SU(children OR youth) AND “child development”

Use the limiters on the left side of the results page to limit by characteristics like source type (magazines, newspapers, trade journals, etc.), publication date (last five years) and more.

Evaluating Your Results

Keep in mind, not all results will be entirely relevant. You will need to scan the titles and read the descriptions to select the best articles for your topic. For additional information on searching in the University Library, check out the following:

If you need additional assistance with your research or have another question, please Ask Us!